Twitch Plays Pokemon with 80,000 Players

According to Twitch is live streaming the gameplay of Pokemon Red/Blue for Gameboy as 80,000 are attempting at playing along!  Can you imagine the amount of dirty dishes and unfinished theses lie awaiting for these gamers to attend?

The way this is working is through chat.  The game move commands are given through the chat function on Twitch.  Because so many are engaged the main character is out-of-control!

The visionary behind this feat had no idea it would amount to such.  Do to the overwhelming response of nearly 80,000 active users as a high and over 10 million view, the creator has had to modify the commands for participants.  Spam was undoubtedly a problem at the onset.

So if you have absolutely time to go and take part in the massive gameplay, be my guest!  I must go wash dishes, oversee homework, and give baths!

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